International Study Trip

As colleges & institutions strive to cultivate a "global perspective", international study trip is increasing been incorporated in schools to enhance students experience.

Krytís consultants have successfully partnered with universities & colleges in organising tailored made international study trips around the world for a number of years now.

Our most Famous international study destination includes;
bullet China
bullet India
bullet North america
We also organise trips to
bullet Russian
bullet Germany
bullet South Africa

These trips will involve company visits, presentations and discussions, visits to leading Institutions, Banks, Factories and Memorial/ tourist sites in these countries to facilitate a truly international study experience.

The participants will also have ample opportunities to exchange their own experiences and build new professional networks, which is also an important spin-off from our International Study Trips from previous visits organised.

Our Package includes;
bullet Visa Arrangements
bullet Group accommodation booking that meets high standards and offers excellent value for money.
bullet Comprehensive meals service including dinner, breakfast and lunch packs for days out
bullet Group facilities including classrooms, games rooms and lounge areas
bullet Group transportation to & fro events and around the country
bullet Provision of on-site or nearby sports and outdoor pursuits
bullet Assistance with booking or arranging activities and company visits
bullet Dedicated Guides

We provide written information on the companies & places to be explored before, during and after the study trip. We also provide language translation during such trips and facilitate international exchange of experiences after the study trip.

Wondering what international study trip will suit your programme?
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